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Top Necessities for First Time Firearm Hunters

Top Necessities for First Time Firearm Hunters

‘Tis the season.

While the world gets into the holiday spirit, we are already celebrating the return of our favorite season: Whitetail season. People are dropping money on early holiday discounts, and we’re out here in the woods, hoping to drop a bruiser with big ole’ antlers to hang right next to the mistletoe.

If this is your first sit in the stand wearing the blaze orange, welcome to the world of firearm hunting for whitetail. The experience is its own type of adrenaline-pumping pursuit. Just like hunting with a bow, there are several tools you can use to put yourself ahead of the game and see success.

Here are our top necessities for first time firearm hunters. And since it is the Christmas season, we figured we’d namedrop a few brands that we recommend, just in case you want to get some gifts for your favorite hunter…or heck, even yourself. Consider us Santa Claus with red beards.

1. Stationary Blind

We Suggest: Banks Blind

Why: Concealment is a huge factor when it comes to stalking a buck. We like to stay comfortable and undetected with Banks Blinds, who set the market standard. Specifically made for gun hunting, the durable construction and paintable, bark-like texture keeps you hidden, while the multiple, tightly-sealable windows provide you with an excellent 360 degree view.

Banks Blind

2. Scent Concealment

We Suggest: Dead Down Wind

Why:  One of the deer’s greatest assets is their sense of smell. One whiff of your scent, and your trophy rack will be out of range in no time. To keep the deer from noticing us, we use Dead Down Wind, the number one brand in scent elimination. The products utilize ScentPrevent® technologies to break down odor causing bacterias and molecules for a range of scents, including: human scents, smoke, gas and other odors.

Dead Down Wind

3. Treestand

We Suggest: Millennium Treestands 

Why: You can’t get that monster if you can’t stand the sit. Millennium Tree Stands have been recognized for years as the most comfortable, quietest stands on the market. Before they’re sold to the public, the tree stands are put through a range of tests under the harshest elements to ensure every hinge is steady and secure.

Millennium stand

4. Deer Attractant

We Suggest: Tink’s 

Why: Hunting whitetail deer is a game of strategy. Not only should you focus on covering up your own scent, but it pays to attract the bucks with a scent that they’re looking for. Tink’s has a complete line of synthetic deer lures in a variety of forms: Doe-in-estrus sprays, mists, gels, and mock scrape sprays and scent bombs really lure them right where you want them.


5. Ground Blind

We Suggest: Ameristep

Why: If you’re looking for an easy, quick and effective set-up, we recommend the Ameristep ground blinds. The blinds are easily portable, giving you the luxury of an easy set-up and takedown. They’re available in a variety of camouflage options and perfect to tuck into a patch of timber or on the edge of a field. The natural-looking mesh windows and small profile offer optimum concealment for gun hunters. If you aren’t sure which blind to check out, we suggest the Arch-Rival Ground Blind. We collaborated with Ameristep to develop the Arch-Rival, and we love how the blind’s spacious design, extra-quiet wear, and weather-resistant DuraShell Plus™ fabric conceals and protects.

 Ameristep Ground Blind

6. Truck Cover

We Suggest: DiamondBack

Why: After all is said and done, you want to make sure your tools are protected from theft and dry from the elements. DiamondBack truck covers keep things secure. The cover is strong enough to use as a platform for hauling hefty items, like an ATV or side-by-side. When (not if) you get that big ole’ buck, you can use the cleats and tie-downs on the drive home or back to hunt camp.


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