Top Necessities for First Time Bow Hunters



Typically, we stay clear of jamming product in your face, but this time calls for it…

The bow. A tried and true tool used by millions of hunters across the nation. But if you are looking to join the legion of bowhunters to take down a trophy for the first time, you’ll need more than a bow to get you started.

Just because you’re new to the game doesn’t mean you can’t hit the ground running. Preparation is key. Here are our top 10 necessities every novice bow hunter should have in your arsenal before you head out to reap Mother Nature’s rewards.


1. Safety Harness:


We Suggest: Hunter Safety System — Lifeline and Harness
Why: Safety is key. No doubt about it. The Lifeline and Harness not only keeps you strapped in, but hooked up to the tree from the ground to the stand so you’re secure and safe from start to finish.



2. Clothing:

Wearing the proper clothing to conceal yourself and combat the conditions is essential. Bowhunting season encompasses constantly shifting elements—fall winds, winter snows, spring rains—so it is vital that you are ready for any and every situation.
We Suggest: Cabela’s Instinct Clothing in 02 Octane Camouflage.
Why: We love the durability and dependability that the Cabela’s Instinct line of clothing provides for each season. Regardless of weather, there is a combination to match the elements. The O2 camouflage pattern is extremely effective and can be used for any species, in any terrain.



3. Compound Bow

A necessity not to be taken lightly. If it’s your first time hunting with a bow, you’ll want to ensure you use a bow that is adaptable, reliable and specifically selected for you. Bows come in all different shapes and sizes, so we recommend doing the research to pick a bow that works best for your skill set and desired goals.
We Suggest: PSE Compound Bows
Why: PSE has a bow for every shooter. No matter your skill level or bow hunting experience, the entire bow lineup is geared towards specific shooters and their focuses. The bows have extensive range for beginners, experts and every level in between providing comfort and adjustability that can adapt along with you.



4. Arrows:

The arrow has been used as a hunting tool for ages…and for good reason. Today’s arrows offer impressive designs to help you achieve a precise shot.
We Suggest: Bloodsport Evidence Arrows
Why: The Bloodsport product line offers an arrow for everyone at any price point. The
arrows are divided into categories, including compound, cross bow, women’s, and youth, so you can find exactly what you need.



5. Broadheads:

The selection of modern-day broadheads are vast and diverse. Manufacturers dedicate their time to design deadly broadheads each year with new and improved blade configurations.
We Suggest: Rage Broadheads
Why: When we are chasing whitetail in Kansas or trying to survive the wilderness of
Alaska, we rely on Rage to get the job done…and they haven’t let us down. Rage broad heads are designed for extreme penetration, which makes for an efficient shot and heavy blood trail so you can quickly locate your kill.

Rage Trypan

6. Release:


The quality of your release will improve the quality and the precision of your shot. Choosing the right release for you is just as essential as the bow because the release helps control arrow flight and establish consistency.
We Suggest: Tru-Fire Bulldog
Why: Tru-Fire develops high-quality releases with 360 degrees of torque-free rotation.
You’re also able to individualize your release specific to your measurements; the system allows for length adjustments between the strap and trigger by over 1”. Their releases are comfortable and easy to put on, which is a huge deal when you’re in those high-pressure situations.



7. Arrow Rest:


Finding a full-capture arrow rest that fits your needs is like discovering a missing puzzle piece. There are many factors that must align in order to maximize your bow’s shooting potential, including the type of arrow, your shooting style, and overall goals.
We Suggest: AAE —DOA
Why: Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc. (AAE) specialize in manufacturing, so they know
a thing or two about producing top-notch arrow rests. We prefer AAE’s most popular
arrow rest, the DOA, because of its accuracy and smooth fall away.



8. Backpack:


Keeping things contained in one place helps eliminate the headache of looking for your gear. Backpacks allow you to have your hands free and your tools together with easy access.
We Suggest: Tenzing TZ 2220
Why: The pack is both light in weight but heavy duty in quality. We like the numerous compartments to attach extra gear while keeping our hands free.



9. Scent Control:

Being in the right place at the right time with the right tools can quickly become worthless if the target you’re pursuing catches one whiff of your scent. Camouflage keeps you concealed from sight, but scent control is just as important to ensure your smell is controlled, too.
We Suggest: Ozonics
Why: Ozonics creates a quality, patented scent-control cocktail to keep your scent concealed. It’s effectiveness is scientifically proven, and we’ve seen it work again and again and again.



10. Attractant:

Attractants are a nice little trick we hide up our sleeves to lure in the big bruisers. Use the buck’s strong sense of smell to your advantage by alerting their instincts to what they want most.
We Suggest: Tink’s
Why: Offering deer lures, synthetic lures, mock scrape lures and other products, Tink’s has a wide variety of options to choose from so you can hang, mist or spray your way to success.


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