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Top 10 Survival Items You Need To Pack

Don’t Get Caught Without These 10 Survival Items

If you travel much, you have probably at one point forgotten something at home; a toothbrush, a belt, a phone charger, maybe? And if you don’t travel much, you’ve definitely forgotten things a few times. It’s only natural when we are distracted with a million other things before a trip. Luckily, these items are usually easily replaceable or you can go on without them for a few days. But that’s just not the case with these survival items on hunting trips to remote areas. In fact, the further into the wilderness you travel, the more important these top survival items become. Why is that? Frankly, these particular survival items are so critical that they could seriously jeopardize your safety in an isolated area without them. Life is already harder without modern conveniences, but especially when you’re not prepared for it.

While Chris and Casey Keefer take up the challenge to survive with almost nothing in the wilderness on “Dropped,” you might not be up to that quite yet. There’s no corner store to grab other survival items once you’re in the woods or on a mountain, so you need to make triple sure that you have them before embarking on a remote wilderness survival trip. One of the reasons this particular list of survival items is forgotten so often is because they are so critical that we likely subconsciously assume we would never forget them. Yet that’s exactly what we do. The best way to make sure you remember them is to make a thorough survival items checklist and look at it as you pack, repeatedly. Only cross items off the list once you’ve packed and double checked that it’s in your gear bag.

Top 10 Survival Items You Could Forget

Now let’s look at the survival gear you need that is most often left back at home. We have listed the survival items in order of importance below.

Survival Gear Inventory 1 | Dropped S5.Ep1 “Cache Critical”
(Video)- On Dropped, in Season 5 Episode 1, Chris and Casey Keefer are dropped, and just after they reach their survival gear cache. One of the first steps in survival is taking inventory of the survival gear that you do have. Knowing this the Keefer brothers sit down to take a survival gear inventory. While this isn’t a complete survival gear list for Alaska, it does supply vital survival items that the brother can live off of. The survival gear inventory list includes some items like a fire starter, fly rod, flies, and a raft essentially providing the brothers with transportation, shelter, food, and fire.

Water Treatment and Bottle/Canteen

top 10 survival items LifeStraw | Keefer Brothers

Without a doubt, dehydration is a silent killer in the wilderness. If you have access to plenty of high quality glacial melt water, you probably don’t need to worry about treating what you drink. Though it’s still a good idea, considering Giardia parasites can leave you pretty useless in the woods. But if you’ll be in a marginal area without much fresh water, having a bottle to fill and treat water when you find it is critical to your survival. That makes water treatment and storage one of the most important survival items you can have.


top 10 survival items Buck axe | Keefer BrothersBeing in the woods without an axe or hand saw is a serious situation.  Without the ability to collect much firewood, you’re left to only burning twigs and branches or slowly rotating the ends of logs that you can carry until they burn down. Neither of these are efficient and will require a lot of fire-tending, which takes away from your other survival tasks.


top 10 survival items | Keefer BrothersSimilarly, not having a knife makes life very difficult in the back country. You can’t field dress an animal, cut game meat, trim rope, or any number of other important things. Make sure you have at least one knife with you that can handle any of these tasks. The Buck Knives field master kit comes with three blades to handle several tasks at the same time. A good knife is one of the best survival items to have with you.


top 10 survival items ammo | Keefer BrothersWhen you’re in predator country, dealing with Alaskan predators or truly looking to kill some wild game for sustenance, having a firearm with you is necessary, and it’s rarely forgotten. But it won’t do much good without Winchester brand ammunition. You might not think of ammunition as a survival tool, but it’s another one of those things we always think of and then forget to pack in our rush to get out on our trip. Make sure to bring enough to get you through whether it’s personal protection or for hunting.

Rain Gear

top 10 survival items scentlok waterproof jacket | Keefer BrothersHaving a good survival clothing list that you can depend on is important. If you want to stay warm and fairly comfortable in the wild, staying dry should be your number one mission. Not having rain gear with in the spring or fall of many remote areas can mean death via hypothermia. If a rogue rain storm pops up while you’re hunting or on the move, you need to stay as dry as possible. A Scentlok waterproof insulated jacket will keep your core warm without limiting your arm movement, all while keeping you dry.

Headlamp and Batteries

top 10 survival items Headlamp | Keefer BrothersWhile you’re mostly active during the day anyway, you never know when you might need something in the middle of the night. Don’t count on the fire, moon, or stars to light your way either. Usually the fire is burnt down at that point (or maybe you never got it started), and on a cloudy night in the wilderness, it can be downright black out. If you might have encounters with bears or wolves, you also need to know what’s snooping around camp before things get worse. Headlamps can be a life saver, and don’t forget to bring extra batteries.

Fire Starter

top 10 survival items fire starter | Keefer BrothersUnless you’re an accomplished survivalist who can make and use a bow drill, you’ll need some kind of fire starter. Whether you bring waterproof matches, a butane lighter, or a fire striker, make sure that someone has an option before you leave civilization. The wilderness can be a very lonely place without a fire to warm up by or thoroughly cook your wild game meat. It also helps to bring a small wad of tinder in case you can’t find any suitable options where you camp.

Ropetop 10 survival items rope | Keefer Brothers

Rope is another underappreciated survival item we should always have with us. Whether you need to haul your animal out of a nasty thicket, lash some logs together, or hold a tarp up to keep you dry in a storm, you should have at least a 30 foot section of rope or paracord with you.


top 10 survival items Tarp | Keefer BrothersA tarp is usually forgotten in the garage unless it happens to be raining out when you’re packing. It’s one of those survival items you completely take for granted until it is pouring and you need to keep your gear and yourself dry. But it’s also useful for keeping firewood dry and wrapping your gear for river crossings.

First Aid Kit

top 10 survival items first aid kit | Keefer BrothersA survival first aid kit is one of those things nobody needs until they really need it. Don’t risk it. If you’ll be traveling in a remote area where outside help isn’t an easy option, be sure to bring along a small first aid kit. As far as which items in a survival kit are necessary, include various bandages, wraps, and gauze, as well as a few pins, splints, and medications. Think of a few common injuries that could occur, and make a plan to be prepared.

Have you ever forgotten any of these survival items at home? It’s bound to happen eventually if you don’t use a survival equipment list to mark your progress. Truly, there aren’t really all that many items you need for survival, but the ones listed here are very important and could make the difference between a good and miserable trip. Take your time when you’re packing and start early so you can check that everything makes it with you to your destination. Then can you truly enjoy your time and #BeAlive.

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