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Survival Clothing List and Gear Considerations for Alaska

Survival Clothing List Considerations for Survival in Alaska

Northern US and Canadian wildlife are adapted for harsh condition survival. One such species is the Caribou. Caribou have hollow hair, tissue and bone structure in their nose to warm air, and broad hooves for swimming and traversing the tundra. So what do humans have to adapt or survive with, especially in the harsh environments of the Northern US, Canada, and Alaska? Only the tools, gear, and clothing they bring with them. An essential piece of survival is preparation, in the case of adapting to survive in Alaska this means a well thought out survival clothing list.

In “Dropped” Season 5, Chris and Casey Keefer have been dropped with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the sidearms on their hip. In order to survive, they needed to careful select which items made it to the survival clothing list.

Survival Clothing List | Dropped Season 5 “Take Home Barebones”
(Video) On Dropped, in Season 5 Episode 1, Chris and Casey Keefer are dropped in Alaska with only their “barebones”, or the survival clothing and items they arrived with. Survival clothing for Alaska must be able to hold up against the elements and the frigid temperatures. For the Keefer Brothers, careful selection and considerations went in to their survival clothing list for Alaska. The survival clothing list includes items such as a thermal base layer, rubber sole boots, sun glasses, and moisture repelling jackets. Another critical item on the survival clothing list and survival gear list for Alaska is a hand gun. Not just any hand gun can do. The Keefer Brothers have a 10mm, an essential clothing and gear item for the Alaskan predators.


Survival Clothing List Considerations

The items you select for your survival clothing list depends on the environment and habitat, but in general “cold weather” or “northern” survival clothing will have the same requirements as below. The requirements must stand up to harsh weather, moisture, wear and tear, and of course the cold.

The Base Layer

The first item on your survival clothing list should be a base layer. This system is a thermal layer to keep body heat close. This layer is critical as it is the base, bare minimum requirement to hold heat from escaping to outside layers.

survival clothing list baselayer | Keefer Brothers

survival clothing list baselayer | Keefer Brothers

Survival Socks, Hats, and Gloves

The right socks, hat, and gloves are critical in a survival clothing list as they cover up areas where heat escapes the fastest. Your feet, hands, and head cannot be exposed to the weather alone. Warm thermal socks, a hat, and pair of gloves that still allow you to be mobile and work when needed is a must for survival situations in the cold.

survival clothing list survival gloves | Keefer Brothers

survival clothing list socks, gloves, hats | Keefer Brothers

survival clothing list survival hats | Keefer Brothers


Second Layer

The second layer should be a warm cross between durable and lightweight for activity. This second layer will be present for added warmth but also for shedding purposes. You don’t necessarily need a heavy jacket in all situations, so a lighter but still warm second layer is necessary.

survival clothing list survival second layer | Keefer Brothers

Final Layer

Moisture repelling clothing for harsh weather. For this layer the Keefer Brothers relied upon the Helix system. Strategically placed highly durable panels keeps the clothing durable for rugged and continuous use in survival situations. It also supply’s fabric to hold in heat and shed moisture off.

survival clothing list survival helix jacket | Keefer Brothers

survival clothing list survival helix pants | Keefer Brothers



Footwear is perhaps the most vital item on the survival clothing list. Punishing terrain can beat you and your footwear up fast. In order for a pair of boots to make it on the survival clothing list, they need to be rugged, durable, waterproof, forgiving, comfortable, and warm. The Keefer brothers choose to go with a rugged backcountry rubber soled boot.

survival clothing list backcountry survival boots | Keefer Brothers

Sun Glasses

In cold weather, especially in snow covered environments sun glasses are a must. Keeping the glare down and your eyes protected is a key part of staying observant, and keeping your eyes keen for spotting any opportunities or dangers that present themselves.

survival clothing list survival sunglasses | Keefer Brothers


For anyone going to Alaska, protection from predators must be a part of your survival clothing list and wardrobe. The Keefer Brothers wear 10 mm Glock 20s and have Winchester Hollow Points chambered for predator protection.  This is a critical survival item for survival in Alaska.

survival clothing list G20-10mm | Keefer Brothers

survival clothing list winchester hollowpoints | Keefer Brothers

Surviving Alaska is no joke, so your clothing can’t be either. You need serious survival clothing if you want to get out alive. Whether you are hunting in Alaska, or just taking a vacation, these are the basic survival clothing list items that you should consider having before you go.

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    i have booked a 25 day moose hunting trip in alaska which will be a river float. i am trying to research and find the best equipment for that type of hunt which will be in september couple hundred miles north of fairbanks. biggest challenge is finding the proper foot wear and waders. any advise out there i would like to here


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