Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Light. It’s an enemy, and an asset.

In our world of hunting and filming, having enough shooting light—whether its shooting with a bow or shooting with camera—can make all the difference between a sure shot and a waiting game.

Extra light will be a solid resource to recover your monster buck….which is why we love Nockturnal’s lighted nocks. The light can help you locate the arrow and see where it lands, which is not only convenient, but helpful. We’ve used Nockturnal lighted nocks for years. It’s a huge game changer that eliminates the time we’ve spent searching for arrows and antlers.

So how do these nocks work…?

Nockturnal has designed the nocks so they are super simple to operate. The linear switch is activated by your bow string. As soon as you draw back on the bow string, a switch inside the nock flips on to activate the light. The nocks we use glow green.

Lighted nocks allow you to see exactly where your arrow hits on the animal, and it helps you track the flight pattern. Plus, Nocturnal also makes a tool for an easy, smooth installation that won’t mess up your nocks.

The lighted nocks from Nockturnal come in multiple sizes to best fit your needs. Check them out at

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