Keefer Brothers Product Review | The New Bloodsport Evidence Hunting Arrows

The New Bloodsport Evidence Hunting Arrow

Chris and Casey Keefer of hosts of the TV shows Rival Wild and Dropped, are reviewing the new Bloodsport Evidence™ Arrows. The new Evidence™ arrows are a first and giant leap for micro diameter hunting. By far the most standout feature of the new Bloodsport arrows is the Blood Ring™. When it comes to bow hunting deer, a hunter often replays the shot over and over in his/her head. When it comes down to really knowing what area of the animal you hit, the Blood Ring™ will tell you exactly.

Another great thing the Keefer Brothers Identify in this product review is the (patent pending) R.O.C System. This outsert system is another leap for the micro diameter hunter, giving you further penetration.  Bloodsport has taken the micro diameter arrow of the target world and maximized its efficiency for hunting.

Keefer Bros Bloodsport Hunting ArrowsEvidence™ Micro-Diameter Carbon Arrow

Hunting Arrow Reviews“The Evidence is designed for the most demanding hunter in mind. Manufactured to a .001 straightness and combined with our proprietary Rugged Wrap™ construction, the Evidence provides unparalleled flight and penetration at even the longest distances. Our Rugged Wrap™ construction process provides a much thicker wall than competing shafts. Combining our micro-diameter shaft with our (patent pending) R.O.C. System, the Evidence takes arrow strength and toughness to a level never achieved in this category before now. Experience the Evidence for yourself.

Evidence Arrows come equipped with Blood Ring™ Certain Shot Technology that will reveal what kind of hit was made using the age-old logic of blood types, shown on the white Blood Ring panel after contact with your target has been made.” – ( EVIDENCE™ Bloodsport)

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  1. Tim Westvik
    Tim Westvik says:

    Just bought the Bloodsport Impact Hunters topped off with a Wasp broad heads. Hope I will be responding back soon with how it works.


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