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Keefer Brothers’ Hunting Product Reviews | Flextone Extractor

Chris and Casey Keefer hosts of the TV show Rival Wild and Dropped, are reviewing the new Flextone® The Extractor™ Deer Call. In this hunting product review, the Brothers look over the new Extractor. This is a three-in-one call, as The Extractor™ brings a grunt call, a doe or fawn bleat, and a snort wheeze to the table.

Keefer Brothers’ Hunting Product Reviews | Flextone ExtractorThere are a lot of good features about this deer call. A grunt call in itself can mean a lot of different things to whitetails and is a sometimes aggressive call. The grunt call is usually used to either attract bucks based off of creating a doe breeding situation, or just to entice them with the presence of another buck. However, especially when dealing with mature bucks, you sometimes need to get more aggressive. The most aggressive sound a deer could possibly make is a snort wheeze. The Extractor gives you that option for when you need just a little more aggression. Chris Keefer points out in this hunting product review that the Extractor also has the ability to be used as a fawn or doe bleat if needed. The entire deer call is flexible and has a completely freeze proof design, which is critical for deer hunters during the fall and winter.

 Flextone® The Extractor™ Deer Call  


  • X-Glide™ slide adjustment for variable tones
  • Loud snort wheezes
  • Rubber hose for natural tones
  • Freeze-proof design

(Source- Flextone® The Extractor™ Game Call)

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