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DiamondBack Truck Covers Review

Chris Keefer walks you through a DiamondBack truck covers review, showing you arguably the toughest truck cover in the world. Chris walks you through his realization that finally, a company has produced a truck cover with all the bells and whistles.

The HD truck cover can hold an outstanding 1,600lbs on top…yes on top of the truck cover! This means everything from firewood to ATVs can be loaded on top of the cover. The rugged black look is not just paint…but is a durable, scuff-resistant coating that gives the truck cover a bold, yet tough appearance and function.

Besides the durability and function, the truck cover is extremely well-thought out for everyday use/hauling. With built in cleats and rails, the cover can work with you instead of against when hauling anything tall. This “tall cargo” has always been a nemesis to truck covers, however, with the cleats and folding capabilities, this truck cover has eliminated the need to think ahead before shopping/hauling.


What’s inside matters to you, so protection and security is a must! The seal and locks on the truck cover eliminates the worry of your hunting gear getting stolen or affected by the weather. This truck cover serves the everyday use/wear and tear outdoorsmen can put on their gear and trucks.


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