How Do You Do Deer Camp

How Do You Do Deer Camp?

How Do You Do Deer Camp?

It’s here. The season we’ve waited for. The time we’ve worked for.  The days and nights spent collecting intel…plotting…planning….all comes down to these weeks spent waiting in the woods for a golden opportunity.

Chasing that huge whitetail buck you’ve had your eye on since he first showed up on the Reconyx camera is an adrenaline rush. But the thrill isn’t the only reason that whitetail season is special. The key component…the symbol of the season…the place where memories aren’t just made, but engrained….is deer camp.

There’s nothing like deer camp. It’s the closest thing we’ve found to the same level of camaraderie and traditions as the locker room from our hockey playing days. \\

The sounds of deer camp bring back the memories year after year: The sizzle of venison steaks on the grill. The crack of a can opening. The strike of a match. The crackle of the fire.

Maybe you have your own traditions. Maybe you have your own deer camp that you and your buddies return to year after year. Maybe you have your own stories of how crazy uncle Larry got the buck of a lifetime, or your grandpa makes the best chili to chow down on after a long afternoon sit.

Let us know. How do you do deer camp?


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  1. Chad
    Chad says:

    Our deer camp is held every year in Vanderbilt MI at the cabin. It’s half pole barn half living quarters. It did not start this way. We use to sleep in an old beatdown camper. That’s were we stayed when I was 15. We then upgrade to a shed/cabin we built. It was about 20×10 with a tarp lean too. The loft could sleep 6 and main floor slept 5. It was heated by wood..the loft would get about 80 degrees at night. That cabin lasted for about 5-6 yrs then the pole barn was built. Jim Sr.’s dad Been Sequin is the back bone of camp. This man shot more deer and any deer than one ever will. At cam now we have 3 generations. Sequin deer camp is lead my Jimmey Sr. Then his two sons Jimmey and Jesse. They now each bring up there boys Jack, Jimmer, Jase, Waylon. This is my second family. My dad has been coming to camp for the last 15-20 years. These are the core Members of camp but there are normally another 5-7 cousins or family friends who join. It not about the number of deer we shoot, if it was we would stay home in Linwood an hunt where we have done QDMA and have much bigger an better deer. It’s about who’s bringing what food it about what time is everyone leaving to get to camp it’s about playing poker with 9 people around the table and it’s about staying up until 3AM that one night and shooting the shit an telling stories while putting back a few cold cases of beer. It’s mostly about the memories and quotes that carry over from year to year.


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