Game-Changing Hunting Products for Your Hunting Strategy

Rethink Your Hunting Strategy With These Hunting Products

As a group, hunters tend to have a relatively small comfort zone.  This statement holds true with everything from the gear we use, to the way in which we like to hunt.  Some call it stubborn, others will just say that we are unwilling to “get with the times”, but the truth of the matter is that most hunters will stick to what they know best.  Sticking with what you know best or what you feel most comfortable with has been the hunting strategy for many hunters over the years, and has no doubt worked for them.  However, there are times in which the reluctance to try new things can sometimes cause us to miss a golden opportunity to elevate our hunting strategy to a whole new level.

Every year, new products hit the shelves that are designed to help hunters become as effective and efficient as possible, while also helping to put them in a position to ultimately be successful.  These are hunting products that designed and built by sportsmen and women, for sportsmen and women.  It is not often that a product hits the shelf that can literally change the way you hunt, as well as your overall hunting strategy like these products. Even when you put these two pieces of equipment together it can be a game changer!

Game Changer #1 – Rambo Bikes


Rambo bikes are becoming a “must have”, and have totally changed the hunting strategy for many hunters over the course of the past year.  From turkey hunting, deer hunting all the way to scouting, Rambo bikes have provided many hunters with a new tool that will certainly help them become “mobile and hostile” while also providing the hunter with an unparalleled level of stealth, silence, and let’s be honest…pure fun!

Hunting Product Reviews | Rambo Bikes Review

Rambo bikes allow hunters to silently move across a wide range of terrain quickly and easily while remaining undetected.  These bikes have many different options available for the hunter to choose from, however, of the biggest and most noticeable features is simply their size.  Rambo bikes allow for the user to squeeze into tight areas such as crop field edges or small timber trails yet still are rugged enough to traverse mountain passes where typical ATV’s would struggle.  From their fat tires to the gears and high-quality parts and build, Rambo bikes can handle any type of situation that you can through their way. These bikes are incredibly popular among all outdoorsmen and women.

Think Scouting, Maintenance, and Public Land Hunting Strategies

It Doesn’t matter if you are deer hunting, turkey hunting shed hunting or just scouting, a Rambo bike will help you to cover more ground in short amount of time.  There are many features that make a Rambo bike a must have, however, the most popular feature is the Rambo’s ability to go full electric.  On a full charge, a Rambo can go up to 19 miles, which means you can cover a lot of ground!  If you decide that you would like to get your legs moving a little, the Rambo does come with a full peddle assist option as well.

No doubt, hunting public land is a challenge.  Hunting public land often requires that you spend plenty of time in the field scouting and developing a hunting strategy that is above and miles beyond the competition.  If you are hunting public land, it often means that you are restricted to” foot traffic only”, which in short means no motorized vehicles allowed.


This is where Rambo bikes excel. Even if restricted on the motor… the restriction itself no longer applies to you!  No matter if you are deer hunting or turkey hunting, when hunting public land success often means going the extra mile to put yourself as far away from the other hunters as possible.  75% of those who try hunting public land will stray not far from the parking area.  For most, a great hunting strategy when it comes to hunting public land is to simply put yourself as far away from the parking area as you can. The name of the game is to hit undisturbed real-estate.  While you can use the motor in many public land situations…even if restricted you still have an off road fat tire bike that can easily traverse the terrain. Both levels whether on private or on public, motorized or not, make the bike a deadly and game changing hunting product.

Game Changer #2 – Ozonics Unit and DRI-WASH System

Deer hunting both private and public land is often a gear intensive endeavor. Public land alone delivers a host of challenges not normally met. This is especially true on out of state adventures or the classic “deer camp” setting. Wind direction and scent control must be factored into hunting strategy for both private and public land hunting in these situations.  The next game changing hunting product completely rethinks a hunter’s approach to scent control when it comes to scent management.











Hands down, the combination of the HR300 Unit and DRI-WASH from Ozonics has every feature that you can imagine to actively combat human scent in your hunting strategy.

The power of Ozonics has now been made to create the ideal product for hunting out of state and in those classic “deer camp” scenarios. The system now makes it possible to apply the deodorizing of Ozonics to your hunting clothing. By running the Ozonics unit in the DRI-WASH setting you can effectively eliminate odor on your hunting clothing and gear. Essentially this system creates the ability to “wash” your clothes at anytime and anywhere. Deer camp or out of state hunting comes with its own set of problems for scent management. Smoke, camping, gasoline, food, and other odors easily work into your clothing on these style hunts. In combination, the HR 300 scent unit, now with the DRI-WASH can take care of all your scent control needs…during or after the hunt!

Deadly Combination?

Combining both Rambo bikes, and Ozonics into your hunting strategy creates a game-changing scenario. The ability to be mobile for miles on public lands, on out of state hunts, or reaching far stands at the family deer camp alone is game-changing. Applying scent control during and after the hunt in any scenario essentially creates opportunities to re-think your entire hunting strategy.

Some call it stubborn, others will just say that we are unwilling to “get with the times”, but the truth of the matter is that giving into “new technologies” creates game-changing situations for hunting strategies. As you know your hunting strategy is everything and what your season’s success is completely dependent on. These two hunting products are definitely worth looking into.

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