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Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Light. It’s an enemy, and an asset. In our world of hunting and filming, having enough shooting light—whether its shooting with a bow or shooting with camera—can make all the difference between a sure shot and a waiting game. Extra light will be a solid resource to recover your monster buck….which is why we love […]

More Bow for Your Buck

More Bow for Your Buck The tools you use are essential in order to experience the success you want. One of the most important decisions you can make as a bow hunter is—you guessed it—what type of bow you’re shooting. New bows and bow technologies are constantly being developed and introduced to the outdoor market. […]

Inside the Cabela’s Alaknak Tent

Inside the Cabela’s Alaknak Tent Want to see what the Keefer Bros. see when they stay in their Cabela’s mobile hunt camp? Get a complete 360 degree view of the size and set-up of the Cabela’s Alaknak tent and the complete Keefer Bros. hunt camp experience. Grab your smartphone and check it out in the […]

Cribs Hunt Camp Tour

Cribs Hunt Camp Tour The Keefer Bros. rely on their mobile Cabela’s hunt camp for hunting adventures and family fun. For four months strong, the tents have faced harsh elements and unwelcome bear visits. Were the tents still standing and dry when Chris and Casey returned to camp at the end of the summer? Watch […]

Deer Camp Sleeping Essentials

Deer Camp Sleeping Essentials Sleep. One of the few common denominators between hunters and the whitetail bucks we’re chasing. Both man and beast need rest and rejuvenation in order to stay alert, focused and ready. A place to lay your head at hunt camp is essential. Cabela’s offers a variety of top-notch sleeping equipment to […]

Top Necessities for First Time Firearm Hunters

Top Necessities for First Time Firearm Hunters ‘Tis the season. While the world gets into the holiday spirit, we are already celebrating the return of our favorite season: Whitetail season. People are dropping money on early holiday discounts, and we’re out here in the woods, hoping to drop a bruiser with big ole’ antlers to […]

How to Choose a Tent Stove

How to Choose a Tent Stove When the winds blow and the temperature drops, you’ll want to be prepared to keep warm…which is why a reliable tent stove is on the top of our list of camp essentials. Not only does a quality tent stove keep you comfortable, but it is a key contributor in […]

Deer Camp Cooking Essentials

Deer Camp Cooking Essentials Let’s talk food. After getting a taste of adrenaline from a hunt, filling the belly back up at camp is necessary. We’ve spent season after season frying up hearty meals to refuel before and after a hunt. Time and space are crucial in the camp kitchen. If you want to stay […]

Cabela’s Alaknak Tent Setup

Cabela’s Alaknak Tent Setup Deer camp is one of our favorite aspects of hunting. It’s awesome to have a central location to stay, keep your gear together and swap stories of the day-long sit. If you don’t have a designated cabin or stationary location where you set up shop, creating your own deer camp with […]

How Do You Do Deer Camp?

How Do You Do Deer Camp? It’s here. The season we’ve waited for. The time we’ve worked for.  The days and nights spent collecting intel…plotting…planning….all comes down to these weeks spent waiting in the woods for a golden opportunity. Chasing that huge whitetail buck you’ve had your eye on since he first showed up on […]